Why IP Cameras?

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Many of us are looking to protect our business and homes and looking for a cost effective solution to protect our property while we are gone, by alerting us when someone enters an area they shouldn’t, to capture images of events that take place while we are away, to give us a view of what is going on when we can’t be there, to keep an eye on pets, children, the elderly.

Many of us may be familiar with traditional CCTV surveillence that attached to a VCR or DVR. Many of the modern DVR’s do allow you to do what I mentioned above, but require expensive wiring, costs too much, uses too much electricity and doesn’t allow for HD quality images we have grown acustomed to on our televisions, computers, and even on our cell phones.

IP cameras are basically a camera similarl to a CCTV camera, but it’s also has a built in computer with a webserver that allows us to get what we want in a small, affordable package. Prices range from as little as $80 to thousands of dollars depending on resolution, features, and quality. Some can store events to internal SD cards, some require that the images be sent elswhere.

What this blog is about is to help you select a camera based on my reviews, look at sample images taken by these cameras, look at what features these cameras have from a practical point of view and learn how to effectively deploy these cameras in every day use.


6 Responses to “Why IP Cameras?”

  1. May 14, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    I am looking for SMTP setting for verizon. I have a panansonic camera that I have has working but moved it to a Verzon Fios network and can not get the mail to work?


  2. 3 Abdoreza
    July 8, 2012 at 8:00 am

    I have a main question:
    based on my knowledge: For a home or a market we can secure all around this with some analog cameras and a professional DVR,all prices with wiring will be much lower than an IP camera system.for an IP system I have to buy expensive IP cameras(much higher price than analog camera),POE switch,Ethernet Switch and NVR!
    according to this why you intalled IP camera in home and places like this?and why IP is better?

    • July 8, 2012 at 9:52 pm

      Asking why IP cameras are better than analog cameras is a loaded question. Surely, you can find IP and analog cameras on eBay for $30-50, but these are toys with poor optics, low resolution and cheaply made. The main reason I believe people are going to IP cameras is resolution. Buying IP cameras that mimic analog cameras in resolution and image quality surely are missing the point of IP cameras. There are IP camera with up to 29MP of resolution, PTZ IP cameras able to process analytics and track people as they move, IP cameras capable of storing event recording individually without intervention from an NVR/DVR. Also there are companies that make NAS devices at affordable prices that have recently been allowing cameras to record as though they were an NVR.

      You have the fixed limitations of a DVR solution, the expensive siamese coax cable, the hard limitation on the DVR, for example, what if you buy a 4 channel analog DVR and want to add a 5th camera, do you throw it away, do you have two 4 channel DVRs? What if you just want one camera, is a 4 channel DVR overkill? Ask yourself, what resolution is your cell phone camera, what resolution is your TV, what resolution is your digital camera. My cell phone can do 1080P HD video with audio and take 8MP snapshots. With consumers demanding better quality imagining electronics, why would anyone want to stick their head in the sand and use technology invented and has not changed much since 1949?

  3. 5 Jhorman Cely
    July 11, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    Buenas tardes, vivo en Colombia y estoy iniciandome en CCTV, ya he realizado algunas instalaciones CCTV Analogas con DVR.. pero realmente no me convence las imagenes. he llegado a este blog y me ha gustado mucho… quisiera una opiniion sobre una camara IP con un buen rendimiento y con los mejores precios y los NVR, ya que me quiero meter a Integrador de CCTV IP.
    Muchas Gracias…

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