Mobotix M12 DualNight Review

I consider Mobotix to be one of the top IP camera companies in the marketplace. Their image quality alone is worth the cost, but the true value is their decentralized approach to video management fogoing the traditional DVR, NVR or central server. The high resolution 1/2″ CMOS 3 MP sensor allows it to cover a larger area without sacrificing detail needed for facial recognition. This is 10 times the resolution available on traditional CCTV analog cameras. In many cases, you can use a single M12 to cover an area where several CCTV analog cameras would be required. The other amazing feature is the seperate night vision sensor that allows you to capture crisp night video with less light required than other cameras.

The key features of the M12 DualNight are:

  • Dual sensors/lenses, one optimized for day use, one for night use
  • Up to 3 MP resolution on the day lens or 1 MP resolution on the night lens
  • IP66 weather proof
  • Ability to write to built in SD drive or network storage (NAS)
  • 2 way audio
  • PIR motion detect
  • 3 lens options (22mm, 43mm and 135mm)
  • Virtual PTZ
  • no moving parts, very reliable

Mobotix M12

What Mobotix offers that’s unique is the de-centralized approach to recording video. Most other cameras depend on a central server to record and view video events and then seperately purchased software to view multiple cameras. This can get expensive, having a server and network with enough capacity to manage multiple high resolution cameras. Mobotix solves this by including the video management in each camera, allowing it to record to a networked hard drive or an internal SD card and then allowing you to retrieve the video through the camera. No need to have a central server or NVR (network video recorder), no need for external storage arrays, no need for sophisticated networks.

In addtion to the built in software, Mobotix provides for no additional charge, the MX ControlCenter where you can manage multiple cameras from one location. Since the PC is not recording or playing back from it’s own resources, this can be an inexpensive PC.

Check out the images below and click on the small image to see a full size version. You will then see the beauty of what 3 MP offers and the crisp images Mobotix is known for. Many times you wish you can zoom in to see more detail, but after a video event is recorded, you can’t zoom in. Having 10x more resolution than a traditional CCTV or VGA cameras allows you can move around the image to see the detail you need and you can do it after the video is captured all without any moving parts of a PTZ camera.

This is a daytime image taken at the full 3 MP resolution
mobotix m12

This is a night time image of the same area
mobotix m12

This is a daytime image taken at 1024×768 resolution
mobotix m12

This is a night time image of the same area
mobotix m12

My conclusion is that this camera is a good value for those needing a high resolution image, typically in an outdoor area. Althought the suggested retail of $1,499 may seem high to many, understand that this is a complete solution, no need to buy a seperate outdoor housing, no need to buy seperate software or an expensive server, no need to buy a seperate PIR motion detector and quality that will last for many years. The costs savings also comes from being able to use fewer cameras to cover the same area as low resolution cameras.

The pluses of this camera are:

  • Best image quality in the industry
  • Excellent Mobotix tech support
  • Seperate day & night sensors
  • Megapixel resolution
  • Outdoor ready in any climate

Shortfalls of this camera are:

  • Lenses are fixed, changeable only by the factory
  • Initial price is a deterent to many

Recomended for:

  • High end security for commercial or community surveillence

2 Responses to “Mobotix M12 DualNight Review”

  1. August 6, 2010 at 12:36 am

    Hi Guy, this good blogs, thanks

  2. 2 Randy C Curry
    February 4, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    Thanks for your information on ip cameras. We are in the midst of adding to our exisiting cctv cameras at our small amusement park. We plan on complementing what we have with mobotix cameras.

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