ISC West 2012

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This is my first ISC show and it was much larger than I expected. The Expo hall had over 900 exhibiting vendors including surveillance cameras, home automation, access control as well as supporting trades for example companies selling wire, tools, gates, even Ford had a display selling armoured vehicles for tactical law enforcement operations.

As for surveillance cameras, all the usual suspects where there, Axis, ACTi, Avigilon, Bosch, Canon, Mobotix, OpenEye, Pansonic, Pelco,Sony, Speco, Vivotek and more.

The most interesting announcements came from ACTi. They have a 4MP 180 degree camera and that’s not really that new, but they also have an outdoor PTZ camera that links to the 180 degree camera. The panoramic view of the 180 degree camera is used to keep an eye on a broad area. When motion is detected, it sends the coordinates to the PTZ camera where it automatically pans/tilts/zoom in on the subject for identification. This was being used in a crowded expo hall and it was picking people up and zooming in on them, all without the use of a computer or NVR, very cool. Also, had a chance to play with their new NVR, very nice, quick response, nicely laid out. They will offer a very similar product for free for up to 16 cameras per PC as software that runs on Windows. This looks a lot better than their current NVR software which is already very good. They are in beta now and expect to release in the next month or two.

Several home automation companies where there like Schlage (Ingrasol Rand), Kwikset, 2Gig. Also, several access control companies where there including Brivo, HID and Honeywell.

There was a small company making license plate recognition camera that were amazingly fast. They put license plates on a wheel and spun it as fast as they can, it was all a blur but the plate camera captured every number. Would love to see that linked in with access control to allow cars into a community without having to have credentials.

Here’s some pictures from the show. These were taken towards the end when there weren’t that many people. The show was very crowded at times, similar to CES crowds but quickly thinned out in the last hour of the show.

ISC West 2012

ISC West 2012

ISC West 2012

ISC West 2012


3 Responses to “ISC West 2012”

  1. 1 Hong
    April 4, 2012 at 1:59 am

    Nice report. I missed both the ACTi and license reading demo you described, so it is good to read them here.

    I talked to a Sony engineer for more than an hour. They won a new product reward for their hybrid camera transmitting both analogy and digital signals with coaxial cable. I thought it is a great idea. I am wondering how much it is demanded by users who are gradually transitioning from CCTV to IP.

    Here is the opening ceremony that I recorded:

  2. 2 rastamaron
    April 6, 2012 at 4:25 am

    elo bro u got detail about the small company u mentioned regarding license plate recognition camera.

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