Many of us are looking to protect our business and homes and looking for a cost effective solution to protect our property while we are gone, by alerting us when someone enters an area they shouldn’t, to capture images of events that take place while we are away, to give us a view of what is going on when we can’t be there, to keep an eye on pets, children, the elderly.

I put this website together to help you educate yourself about IP based surveillance cameras. There’s a lot of good and poor choices on eBay and on the internet and picking the right product is not always about price, it’s about finding what will do the job you expect at the price point you are willing to pay for.

My reviews are totally unbiased. I do not do this for a living, but I’m a serious enthusiast that uses the technology every day to protect my family and my assets. My background is software and technology as well as commercial photography so I lend a technical perspective that many CCTV website do not.


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