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AVTech AVN812 Review

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AVTech’s is on a roll with their popular Push Video series cameras. Their latest camera, the AVN812, adds WiFi wireless access using the 802.11n protocol. The AVN812 retains many of the features of it’s hardwired brother the AVN80X.
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AVTech AVN801 Review

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AVTech’s latest camera, the AVN801 has the image quality and many of the features of it’s more expensive brother, the AVN80X but at a lower price point.
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AVTech AVN80X Review

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Once in a while a camera hit’s the market that truly has innovative features that make you wonder why others haven’t done this before. The AVN80X has a feature called Push Video with 5 second event video call. When enabled, this sends an alert to your Android or IOS (iPhone/iPad) device and allows you to view the most recently recorded video. It is this feature that sets it apart from the rest.
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